Lore of the Sea is a unique creative project motivated by the desire to create the perfect skins for the sea.

A blend of French chic, feminine swimwear and practical surfwear, Lore of the Sea is dedicated to making the best surfwear, focusing on comfort, style and grace.

Lore of the Sea features pieces for all women of discerning tastes with a focus on making unique designs that are only available in limited editions.

Committed to design principles that make surfing a fun, hassle free and stylish experience, Lore of the Sea is dedicated to all the women seeking style, uniqueness and practicality while doing what they love.


Lafitenia Rouille/Nuit Florale

Lafitenia Myriade/Navy

Getaria Merlot/Myriade

Socoa Cactus/Nuit Florale

Socoa Myriade/Navy

Zumaia Nuit Florale

Zumaia Merlot

Zumaia Cacyus

Mayarco Nuit Florale

Mayarco Rouille

Acotz Nuit Florale

Acotz Myriade

Acotz Rouille

Bikini Nuit Florale

Bikini Myriade

Bikini Rouille


Naia Spring Suit

Haize Neoprene Jacket

Milady One Piece


Lafitenia Rose Ribbon/Sage

Lafitenia Wild Spring

Lafitenia Blossom/Stripy

Getaria Wild Spring

Getaria Mohala Print

Getaria Ikat B&W

Socoa Honey/Fossil

Socoa Sage/Stripy

Acotz Vintage Blossom

Biarritz Vintage Blossom

Acotz Floral Grey

Parlementia Floral Grey

Mayarco Rose Ribbon

Mayarco Sage

Mayarco Gold

Parlementia Gold

Mayarco French Sailor

Parlementia Silver

Polita Black 

Beltza Black